Posted by Gayle Noakes on Sep 30, 2020
Join the City of Lakes Peer Group at 6:45 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month to connect with fellow COL Rotarians about how to build better businesses! Contact Gayle Noakes for more information and the Zoom link.
Here is the list of topics and session leaders for the next six months:
Oct. 8
How to use social media to build influence, build a network and increase sales
Gayle Noakes
Nov. 12
How to move from a great client service model to the ultimate client service that creates unsolicited introductions to new business
Russ Michaletz
Dec. 10
How to stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize when your business seems to have plateaued and your marketing efforts aren’t producing clients/revenue
Dean Sanberg
Jan. 14
New rules for increasing relevancy and business during uncertain times
Jewelie Grape
Feb. 11
How to promote charitable giving and community involvement in your business and ways to increase it
John Rent
Mar. 11
How about “Mentors” – Who has mentored / influenced you and why? Who have you mentored before? Best career / business advice you’ve received, etc.
Jeff Meacham