Vocational Service

The Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club is active in supporting Vocational endeavors within our club and in our community.

The Vocational endeavors in our community focus on supporting youth as they pursue their goals and their future careers. These efforts include:

  • Conducting mock job interviews with Dunwoody students
  • Sponsoring students in attending weekend retreats, focused on learn business skills:
  • Camp Enterprise in the fall
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) in the spring

Within our club, we work to build relationships and provide learning and support to the betterment of careers of each other. These efforts include:

  • Vocational Roundtables: Quarterly, during our weekly club meeting, we pose several questions related to up-to-date happenings in the world. Our members meet in small groups and have roundtable discussions, learning from each other. The small groups are debriefed out to the large group.
  • Vocational Spotlights: We ask a veteran member to speak for 3 minutes on their vocation. This helps us continue to learn more about each other and be more of a community.