2018-2019 Vocational Service Committee
The Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club is active in supporting Vocational endeavors within the club as well as in the local community.  We meet the third Wednesday of each month after the weekly meeting.
The Vocational Committee leads four club meetings throughout the year.  These meeting include Roundtable discussions and also offsite meetings at places of interest.
We will be introducing a new Vocational leadership mentorship group for members this Rotary year.  It will be led by Kurt Nelson and Keith Moeller.
We are also very active in the community in encouraging
Vocational endeavors such as:
Conducting mock interviews with Dunwoody students and supporting Dunwoody students throughout the year.
Dunwoody hosts one of our regular Rotary meetings.
Scott Benson is leading a new project with the Minnesota Urban Debate league.
Camp Enterprise in the Fall and Rotary Youth Leadership Award in the Spring are two very well received opportunities for four COL supported students to grow at a week-end retreat.
We support Adult education along with the Hennepin County Correctional System.
Jonathan Hobbs is leading our Junior Achievement Biztown event.
For more information or to participate in Vocational Service, please see the Club Officers page to contact the current Vocational Service co-chairs: click here for Club Officers.