Rotary Youth Exchange

Each year, Rotary runs the world’s largest and most successful exchange program, exchanging between 20,000 and 30,000 students worldwide across over 80 countries.

Northstar Youth ExchangeCity of Lakes Rotary has always been very active in one of Rotary International's premier programs, Rotary Youth Exchange.

For many years, COL has both sponsored outbound and hosted inbound students under Rotary's 'long-term' (year long) youth exchange experience for high school-age students. There is also a new short-term option for those interested in a summer exchange.

To learn more about our current inbound and/or outbound students and their experiences, please go to the Northstar Youth Exchange site.

If you have an interest in youth exchange for a son, daughter, or other high-school-age friend or relative, please contact Tom Tamura, City of Lakes Rotary’s Youth Exchange Officer, for more information.