Rotary Rooters

Rotary Rooters 'Sing' in the new season with grounders (low sounds), fly balls (high notes) and harmonic tones (home runs)... under the guidance and skillful direction of Paul Batz and TC Bear!    Go COL!!!    (oh, and The Twins too!)

See below for more views of the fun!

Rotary Rooters Members
Mary Balzer
Paul Batz (Artistic Director)
George Broostin
John Davis
Mike Evano
Steve Fiskum (Pianist)
Kimberly Hanlon
Shaun Irwin
Patrick Joyce (Bass Accompanist)
Fran Lyon-Dugin
Russ Michaletz
Keith Moeller
Gary Mosiman
Suzen O'Brien
Dick Parrish
Doug Schmitt
Christine Taylor