Club Duties

Several roles or “duty assignments” are rotated among members of the club on a weekly basis. These duties include:

  • Greeter: Arrives early at the club meeting to greet arriving members, guests and visiting Rotarians.
  • Reflection for the Day: Provides a inspirational message at the beginning of the weekly club meeting.
  • Opening Song: Leads a brief opening song at the start of the club meeting. Where necessary, brings small handouts of the 'words' for a song and leaves those on the tables for member use prior to the meeting.
  • Happy Bucks: This role presides over a portion of the weekly club meeting where members are provided the opportunity to share personal comments or other good news about their recent activities, ... for a small contribution to the City of Lakes Foundation. All funds collected are provided to the Attendance Secretary.
  • Day Chair: The ultimate goal of the Day Chair is to make the speaker's experience pleasurable knowing that the President has many tasks to manage. The role includes arriving early to greet the speaker and having breakfast at the head table together, briefing the speaker on timing and Q&A opportunities. The Day Chair introduces the guest speaker, providing a brief biography of the speaker. (The speaker's bio should be obtained in advance from the Program Committee Chair). The Day Chair also makes sure that the meeting ends on time, thanking the speaker with our speaker's gift.