Minneapolis City of Lakes
United States of America
FOOD COLLECTION for CES (Community Emergency Services), our long term partner
SUPPLIES COLLECTION FOR FAIR SCHOOL New member Mary Pat Cumming is Principal. 70% of students are low income.
Bring food and/or checks to one of these two houses.
     Gary Mosiman, 4130 Dynasty Dr, Minnetonka   612-805-3795
     Jean Johnson,  3801 W. 28th St., Minneapolis   269-720-3121
Wherever you drop off, please call or text to let the person know you are coming.  
To make this collection a bit more interesting, we are offering a bag of goodies from a local farm market to the person who donates the goods that weigh the most in total. Gary & Jean will have scales available when you drop your food/supplies off to record your total.

Food Items:  (bold = particular need)

·       Olive oil and vegetable oil                          ·       Flour, sugar – 4# bags or smaller

·       Meat soups                                                 ·       Chili with meat

·       Canned chicken, tuna or salmon               ·       Canned fruit, in light syrup or own juice

·       Rice                                                                   Assorted canned vegetables

·       Pasta sauce                                             ·       Diced tomatoes

·       Coffee in small bags                              ·       Tea

·       Whole grain cereals                                ·       Old fashioned oats, instant oatmeal packets

·       Jelly and jam                                          ·       Peanut butter

·       100% fruit juice


·       Toothbrushes                                      ·       Toothpaste

·       Bar soap                                             ·       Shampoo, conditioner

·       Deodorant                                          ·       Razors and shaving cream

·       Feminine products                             ·       Toilet paper, facial tissues

·       Dish soap - small bottles                   ·       Laundry soap

Pet Needs

·       Pet food for dogs or cats                 ·       Kitty litter


FAIR School needs:

  • Spiral Notebooks                          Pens, Pencils
  • Colored Pencils                            Fine Tip Markers (Crayola is best)
  • Folders (the plastic kind are great because they last a whole year usually)
  • Jump Drives

In addition, we are connected to Achieve Minneapolis who hosts our financial 'donation' account  (https://www.achievempls.org/give) that then allows us to buy SWAG (cool items for kids with our logo on them) that we can not purchase using district funds.  Last year we did lanyards, t-shirts, bumper stickers etc.