I am pleased to share the news that we have received a membership application from Tony Morse.  Tony's sponsor is Pat Joyce.
Tony works for Morse Executive Consulting who provides fractional or part-time sales leadership and coaching/consulting for sales leaders of companies focused on growth. His clients are typically $5MM-$50MM companies with complex products or services that are not satisfied with their growth rate - helping them sell and mature their sales processes throughout the organization. He works with and supports his team to ensure clients, CEO's, business owners, and senior sales leaders are getting more value than expected.
Tony enjoys golf, food/cooking, wine, travel, and boating - and wants to join City of Lakes Rotary to engage in networking, reconnect with many current members from his past, find ways to apply his skills, and experience to help others in their careers and lives.
If you would like further information about, or have any objection to, Tony’s application for membership, please contact Ross Naylor before August 6th, 2020.