COL's 1st Annual Reinvented Golf Event 3.0 was held on Saturday, Sept. 19, at the Minneapolis Hiawatha Golf Club. In addition to golf and social time, four bags of canned and packaged food items and $160.00 in cash was collected for our partner, Community Emergency Services (CES). 
Roughly 20 participants took part, including 11 COL active members plus COL alumni King Bavender, Michael Anschel, and Cliff Jacobson, along with six family and friend guests. Each team was rewarded handsomely with a wide variety of shot making.
The foursome including King Bavender, Cliff Jacobson, Keith Johnson and Bob Baker took home the Tournament's inaugural traveling trophy.
Group Photo COL Members (Left-to Right): Michael Anschel, Kurt Nelson, Christine Hutcheson, Keith Johnson, Ross Naylor, Richard "Double Black Diamond" Mosman, Bob Baker, Jim Eaton, Tom Tamura, Adekunle Samuel, and Greg Beckstrom.