Welcome to Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Rotary in general and our club in particular.

Trying to give you a history of Rotary in this brief note would be a disservice. Suffice it to say that while Rotary International is big (1.2 million members worldwide) and old (we’ve been around for more than 100 years), the life of Rotary is at the local club level.

Here at City of Lakes Rotary, we do big things — as an individual club, as a local partner with other Twin Cities clubs, and as a participant in a global organization. I like to think of these three categories of activities because, like most people, I dream of making an impact.

As an individual club, we gather for meals, listen to great speakers, and share friendships that are long-lasting and real. We also share that goodwill outside of our group by providing books to kids in need, packing food at a local food shelf, reducing food insecurity for children in need, providing scholarships for local college students, and helping to provide clean water to communities in Honduras, Haiti, and South Africa — to name just a few.

Bottom line: there are endless ways to work together for our collective, human good —here at home and across the world. Rotary is an environment where doing that is fun and easy. On behalf of the members of the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club, I’d love to share this experience with you at one of our upcoming meetings.


Brock Ray
2018-19 President,
Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club