John Fischer Rotary Hope Award Recipients
2016      Haiti Outreach
2014      The Sheridan Story
2013      Traci Chur, TXT4LIFE at Crisis Connection
2012      Bill Roddy, The Osiris Organization
2011      Monica Nilsson, Street Outreach and Community Education Program, St. Stephen's Human Services
2010      Michelle Hensley, The Ten Thousand Things Theatre
2009      Kathleen Vitalis, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
2008      Wonderful World of Music
2007      Inez Grace with Family Solutions
2006      Jackie Olefson with St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP)
2005      Susan Gunderson Life Source
2004      Fill a Mind and Heart
2003      Nancy Nelson with Minnesota Organization On Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention And Parenting
2002      Congregation at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
2001      Judy Jones with People's Exchange
2000      Robert W. Fulton, Boy Scoutmaster extraordinaire
1999      Fred Peterson with Family Hope Services
1998      Eric Mahmoud with Harvest Academy & Prep School
1997      Leon Rankin with Dunwoody's Youth Career Awareness Program
1995      Richard Gardner, Police Officer
1994      Sr. Jean Thuerauf with Cookie Cart
1992      Henry Steeves with Hidden Ranch & Angel House
1991      Michael Bongo with American Indian OIC
1990      John Troyer, champion of the homeless
1989      Walter Rockenstein with City Council & his community work
1988      James Crotty with Boys & Girls Clubs
1987      Mary Jo Copeland with Caring & Sharing Hands
The City of Lakes Rotary Club has a number of recognition awards that are given out each year.  Click on each of them to see the current and past recipients: