Contact: Kathy Kuehl
Minneapolis City of Lakes
Jean Johnson's house
3801 W. 28th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55416
United States of America

Hello Ladies:
Social time! Let's gather for snacks & warm conversation and do some good in the process - on Thursday April 16 at 5:30.  If you want to bring wine or a snack, that's great. If not, just bring yourself.  Feel free to bring friends!

If possible, please bring items for hygiene kits: (bolded items are specifically what the residents have reported a need for as of recently

·       Nail clippers

·       Body wash

·       Razors

·       Shaving cream

·       Lotion

·       Shampoo

·       Conditioner

·       Tampons

·       Pads

·       Face wash

·       Shower shoes

·      Toothpaste

·       Toothbrush

·       Non-alcohol based mouthwash

·       Soap

·       Washcloth

·       Deodorant

·       Shampoo and Conditioner

·       Comb or brush

·       Lotion

·       Lip-balm

Tupperware containers so that the beneficiaries may use the container afterwards.