January is Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, and January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In support of the fight against human trafficking, Rotary districts 5580 and 5950 have issued a proclamation to help spread awareness of human trafficking, joining together Rotary clubs from Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Ontario together to end human trafficking in our region. Over 160 clubs representing over 5,000 Rotarians are working with organizations in their local communities to end human trafficking one community at a time.
Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club has a longstanding commitment to this cause. With Suzen O'Brien leading the charge as our club champion, we are proud to partner with A.C.T. United, the Rotary Hope Award winning anti-trafficking organization. A.C.T. United works with the Minneapolis School District as well as schools and churches across Minnesota and beyond with a dynamic teen exploitation and trafficking prevention program that is moving students from learners to this generation's leaders and advocates for ending human trafficking and creating safe communities.
With January being Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we are making February take action month! Take your first or next step today by registering for A.C.T. United's 5th annual Community Awareness to Action Conference on February 15, 2020. Hear from our powerful speakers, John Turnipseed, Exec VP of Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation in Minneapolis, MN and Detective Carter Staaf, Eden Prairie Police Special Investigations Unit, both on the frontlines of combating youth trafficking in MN. Then select dynamic breakout sessions with local organizations and ministries that will connect what is happening with what we can do about it right now!
To register or see more conference details, visit the conference page on Eventbrite.com or Facebook.