I am very pleased to share that we have received a membership application from Terrance Noble
Terrance is an Engineer (Senior Custodian) for the Minneapolis Public Schools and an Entrepreneur, where he ensures that the school grounds and facilities function properly to ease the life of faculty members and students. He was a past Minneapolis Civil Rights Commissioner, has participated in the Minneapolis Citizen Environmental Advisory Committee, the Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, and the Headwaters Foundation for Justice.
He is interested in joining the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club to participate in service projects, gain international awareness, leadership development, and good citizenry. Terrance is looking to develop friendships, sales/marketing skills and serve on the Membership committee. He enjoys reading, hiking, and sports. 
Terrance's sponsor is John Vandermyde.  Please contact Ross Naylor  (rnaylor@alliiance.us) before November 30th, 2020, if you would like further information, have any questions or comments, or have any objection to Terrance’s application for membership.