Posted by Carol Russell on Jul 24, 2018
I am very pleased to share the news that we have received a membership application from John Coskran.  He is proposed for membership by Anna Coskran. 
John is SVP in Accounting and Finance at YA, an end to end engagement and promotions marketing company. He is a member of the senior leadership team and oversees accounting, financial operations, financial planning and pricing. A graduate or Carleton College with a BA in Economics, an MS in Accountancy from Depaul and an MBA from Augsburg, he was previously with Capella. In addition to his work, he is a board member for Consumer Advocacy in American Real Estate, and also enjoys travel and metalworking.
If you would like further information about, or have any objections to, Bill's application for membership, please contact Carol Russell before August 7, 2018.