I am thrilled to share that we have received a membership application from Joe Turner
Joe is a Financial Professional at Thrivent where he provides financial clarity to individuals and families at all stages of life to help provide them with clear paths to meeting their goals. As a Financial Professional, his dream is to help anyone, and everyone find financial clarity. 
From growing up in Hopkins to spending a year in South Africa Joe's life journey has been diverse, and full of different experiences. Those experiences have formed him into who he is today, a person who works tirelessly, lives and breathes by his values and is eager to meet and build relationships with people. He is thoughtful, relationship-driven, and relentless in helping others. 
Outside of work Joe enjoys singing professionally with choirs around the Twin Cities (future Rooter?), soccer, beer (future friend?), - and engaging in community activities and giving back with organizations like Feed My Starving Children, and Young Adults in Global Missions. 
Joe's sponsor is Jim Vos, a long-time family friend.  Please contact Ross Naylor  (rnaylor@alliiance.us) before March 5th, 2021, if you would like further information, have any questions or comments to Joe’s application for membership.