Posted by Carol Russell
Political and social divisiveness permeates national and local news every day. While the issues are complex, finding shared values is possible. An annual event will take place soon to discuss this topic. "Beyond Political Polarization: Finding Common Ground for the Common Good" will take place April 12 at the St. Paul Town and Country Club. Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club is an annual sponsor of this event along with event founder St. Paul Sunrise Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Woodbury.
The upcoming session, which takes place from 7:15-9:15 a.m. will explore how growing partisan divide over political values is paralyzing families and communities. Presenter Bill Doherty, PhD, successfully leads workshops throughout the country through Better Angels, a national bipartisan citizen's movement, dedicated to unifying our divided nation by bringing liberals and conservatives together to understand each other beyond stereotypes.
Is this really on a Thursday or did you make a mistake?
Yes, it's on a Thursday as this event always is. Our Wednesday meeting that week is cancelled so you can attend this one instead.
It's in St. Paul — is it a hassle getting there? Nope. The Town and Country Club is just across the river and super easy to get to. Go right off of 94 on Cretin, take a right on Marshall Ave. and another quick right on Otis. Free parking!
It costs $25. Do I have to pay? No. The event is free to MCOL members, plus - BONUS - our Club will pay for you to bring one guest! But you need to register them in advance.
I don't have to RSVP for weekly Rotary meetings, why do I have to for this one? Because the breakfast is wonderful and the Country Club needs to have enough food. (The cinnamon rolls are highly recommended!)
Is there a political agenda behind this event? No. We thoroughly vetted this question with the speaker months ago. His presentation is non-partisan. His events draw equally from all viewpoints.
The Forum lasts a little longer than a usual Rotary meeting. What if I have to leave early? Not a problem. But you won't want to!