Posted by Gary Mosiman
Late on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 16, the Minneapolis chapter of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7200 put out a notice to The Family Partnership and several other nonprofit, social service organizations in the Twin Cities to let them know that they were going to be distributing perishable food items. The only rub was that time was of the essence as the distribution would take place on Thursday morning, March 18. This initiative was one of many community outreach programs sponsored by CWA.
The Family Partnership, which, among several other programs operates two, diverse, inner city schools for underprivileged children, jumped at the opportunity. However, the logistics of picking up the food at CWA and getting it quickly to their schools required some quick planning. Thus, the call went out to the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club for help.
Thursday morning dawned bright and clear as the Club responded by picking up 13 boxes of fresh, perishable food and milk and bringing them to the school located in North Minneapolis, where they were stored in school refrigerators and distributed that afternoon to the families of students.
This project was one of many such community service projects conducted on a regular basis by the City of Lakes Rotary Club.