Following is the proposed slate of candidates for the 2020-21 Minneapolis City of Lakes Board of Directors and Committee leaders. Thanks to all who agreed to serve next year! This slate will be voted on at the January 8, 2020 meeting.
2020 – 2021 
Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club Slate
Carol Russell
Past President
Jewelie Grape
Scott Benson
Vice President/Membership Chair
Ross Naylor
Membership Co-Chair
Jean Johnson
John Coskran
Assistant Treasurer
Cindy Lennie
Maria Bavender
Tom Tamura
Club Administrator
Assistant Club Administrator
Dick Mosman
Projects Chair
Terryl Brumm
Foundation Chair
Bill Klein
Foundation Co-Chair
Bob Baker
Programs Committee Chair
Matthew Prediger
Programs Committee Co-Chair
Jim Vos
At Large – Social Media
Sangam Napit
At Large
Patrick Joyce
At Large – District Liaison/Strategy
Gayle Noakes
Web Master
Brock Ray
Avenues of Service:
Community Service Committee Chair
Ellen Archibald
Community Service Committee Co-Chair
Kathy Kuehl
International Service Committee Chair
Chris Hutcheson
International Service Committee Co-Chair
Bill Jackson
Vocational Service Committee Chair
Steve Morris
Vocational Service Committee Co-Chair
Club Service Chair
Jodi Massey
Club Service Co-Chair
Anna Prisacari