Following is the proposed slate of candidates for the 2019-20 City of Lakes Board of Directors and Committee leaders. Thanks to all who agreed to serve next year!
PresidentJewelie Grape
President-ElectCarol Russell
Vice President/ Membership ChairScott Benson
TreasurerAnna Coskran
Assistant TreasurerJohn Coskran
SecretaryMaria Bavender
Past Presidents ChairBrock Ray
Club AdministratorSheila Gothmann
Projects ChairTerryl Brumm
Foundation ChairBill Klein
Foundation Co-ChairBob Baker
At Large MemberAnna Prisacari
At Large MemberGayle Noakes
Program Committee ChairDean Sanberg
Program Committee Co-ChairTBD
Web MasterChad Eslinger
Community Service Committee ChairMarlene Dieterich
Community Service Co-ChairEllen Archibald
International Service Committee ChairAlex Falenczykowski
International Service Co-ChairChris Hutcheson
Vocational Service Committee ChairJeff Meacham
Vocational Service Co-ChairSteve Morris
Club Service ChairAaron Wicks
Club Service Co-ChairJodi Massey
This slate will be voted on at the December 19th meeting.