Mar 04, 2020
Dave Hutchinson
Sheriff Hutchinson’s Year 1 Recap – And What’s Ahead

David Hutchinson took office as the 28th Sheriff of Hennepin County on January 7, 2019. As Sheriff, David Hutchinson has focused on issues of staff and community wellness, community safety, and providing a workforce that mirrors the residents of Hennepin County. He is nationally recognized for his work on providing officer wellness and medication assisted treatment. In his first year as Sheriff, he created an internal wellness unit called Tri Wellness, in order to help his staff deal with the stresses of the law enforcement field. He firmly believes that keeping deputies mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will lead to better service for the public. At the beginning of his second year, he created two new divisions: The Community Outreach Division, and The Criminal Intelligence Division. 


He currently serves as Technology Chair for the Major County Sheriff’s Association, as well as serving as Secretary for the Major County Sheriff’s Association Foundation Board. He serves as a Board Member on the Minnesota Post Board, and he serves on Mayor Jacob Frey’s Violence Prevention Steering Committee. As Sheriff, he continues to strengthen relationships with Partner Agencies, as well as local Law Enforcement Offices. Serving as Sheriff is a true honor, and he is delighted to be invited to speak to all of you.